OCYCP Gallery of Past Events

If you have photos from our events that you'd like to share with us, please let us know. We'd love to see them!

OCYCP June 2017 Benefit at Sender One in Santa Ana, CA. We raised $529 for The Nature Conservancy

OCYCP May 2017 Benefit at Be The Change in Irvine, CA. We raised over $600 for the NAACP

OCYCP April 2017 Benefit at Yoga Tribe in Huntington Beach, CA. We raised $991 for EarthJustice!

OCYCP March 2017 Benefit at Spectra Yoga in Costa Mesa, CA. We raised almost $1500 for Planned Parenthood!

OCYCP February 2017 Benefit at HB Yoga Collective in Huntington Beach, CA. $555 was raised this night for the NRDC!

OCYCP January 2017 Benefit at The Yoga Mat in Orange, CA. $753 was raised this night for the ACLU