Is OC Yogis CARE project (OCYCP) a NonProfit?  
OCYCP is a Not-for-Profit organization. Which is not the same thing as being a 503c registered NonProfit. We would love to have NonProfit status but we are a humble group and do not have the funds to apply for this. We would rather give as many funds as possible straight to the charities we support instead of saving them up to give ourselves the NonProfit title. 

What percentage of your donations do you donate to charity?
We donate as much as we possibly can. Nobody in our organization makes a profit or income - we all donate our time, energy, studio space, and products. For our first event we were able to donate 100% of the donations to the charity but we quickly discovered that we would not be able to maintain this organization if we were having to pay for all admin costs ourselves. So we do have to use small amounts to pay for printing postcards and signs and to maintain our website and P.O. Box. We donate all proceeds after our costs to the charities. 

How can I help?
Our favorite question! Every single person is capable of helping to make a difference. Visit our Take Action page for a few suggestions and Contact Us to get a conversation going. We are always looking for yoga studios or other facilities that can host a yoga event, musicians and DJ's, donations of products that we can raffle/auction off at our events, giveaways for gift bags, and of course, monetary donations. We have a Go Fund Me page dedicated to raising costs to cover our admin so that more of the event donations can go straight to that charity. 

Will I receive a receipt for my taxes from my donation at one of your events?
No, your donation is to pay for your ticket to the event. All donations to the charities will be coming from the OCYCP.